Different ways of training

School classroom style training – the old fashioned way but still the best way of learning

Sitting at or around a table, simply talking to each other, body language included, notes on a white board or a presentation with modern media. One to one training or with other students in a classroom. This is still one of the best ways to learn.

Telephone training – a very effective way to build and maintain your Business English

Does your work schedule mean that you are living out of a suitcase? You have no time for weekly Business English classes? Then why not try telephone training. Designed to suit you and your diary for business update discussions, language feedback and corrections given, as well as business vocabulary building.

Online training – where we can talk to each other, see each other and exchange notes

Whereever you have an internet access; all you need is your personal computer with a browser like Firefox, Edge, IE or Chrome.

If you want, we can meet up at on Skype, Zoom or other platforms. Let’s talk about this way of training.