English in Perspective


First class language training, tailor-made training courses to suit you and your needs.

English in Perspective is about preparing you for the international world of the English language. Whether it’s for business or private use, you will receive first class training, personalised to suit your needs, feeling confident and fit.

Placement at correct level
Evaluate needs
Recommendion of a tailored course
Set goals for pesonalised training
Present – practice – performance
Evaluate progress
Continue learning and having fun
Train and talk with a native speaker
Individual attention and feedback
Verify what you have learned?
Enter the international world of English with confidence

EIP is all about learning by doing. A cliché I know but absolutely true. Whether you´re an architect, a doctor, an IT manager or business person, EIP is for everybody who needs to learn and (very important) who wants to learn or practice their English.

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