What can I do for you?

Business English
Improve your everyday spoken and written English and promote fluency in your business communication for:
small talk
general business English
business correspondance
meetings & presentations
sales & purchasing
interview training

General Conversational English
Improve your fluency, confidence and conversation skills and maximise your ability to use English in areas such as:
grammar made easy and fun
developing your vocabulary base
as well as intercultural awareness

Small talk only
Freshen up your English for your holidays or dealing with international guests focussing on:
first contact & introductions
meeting and greeting
table talk
saying goodbye

Academic English
Studying at a college or university is very demanding. It requires a high level of English proficiency. English for academic purposes gives you the opportunity to focus on:
writing skills
advanced grammar
business English
applying for an internship
preparing for an interview

Preparation for Cambridge, TOEIC or IELTS examinations.

Other training subjects such as English for Banking & Finance, Human Resources and English for Marketing.

My specialiation areas:

English for Interior Design & Architecture
A tailor-made training course specially designed for Interior Designers and Architects who need specialised vocabulary to help them get that all important International contract. Business English, Real Estate English, making small talk and advanced grammar are also included.

Medical English
Training in communication skills for the medical profession. This course is suitable for medical professionals from non-English speaking backgrounds who need to use English in their daily work.
Lessons focus on medical terminology, specialised vocabulary and a review of basic grammatical structures. Students will also learn how to communicate with patients and medical colleagues, how to speak at seminars and meetings as well as how to read & write medical papers.

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